The Values

We value and cherish customers’ trust above all else, which is why we focus on listening to their needs, working with them hand in hand, and translating their ideas, whether crystal clear or blurred, into tangible designs that match their expectations.

The Partners
  • Talented architects
  • custom home builders
  • interior designers
  • specialized firms
  • suppliers

our partners can rely on our close collaboration, transparency, and commitment.

We take pride in our partners and ensure working with them as a coherent unit with a common goal: a happy customer.

Our design teams and installers also work with residential developers and realtors to provide exclusive models and incentives to their residents.

The Talents

Our design consultants bring vast knowledge, extensive expertise, and unique talents to the table. They guide customers through the phases of the process from initial discussion, to collaboration, design stage, and finally installation/implementation. Their tools include the latest technologies to help illustrate 3D designs for customers to get an exact image replica of what their home design would look like.

Our fine talents are guided by equally talented corporate leadership –highly professional management that is dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives through offering exceptional storage and interior design services.

The Proposal

Whether it’s a room or an entire building, a store or an office, a storage solution or an entire set of solutions, our design systems are flexible enough to meet any project’s needs in terms of size, budget, and set time period. Our propriety CAD software and rendering tools help present designs digitally.
We also support client meetings and sales presentations with a complete sample kit of all of our finishes and product options.

Our installation service is tailored to your life, and executed by trained installers, while expert custom manufacturers use state-of-the-art software and equipment to provide the finest quality and service. In addition, qualified trade partners can benefit from our preferred pricing features.